Okay. Here is the “ask”.

FISH-FRY is a great company with a firm foundation in the Riverdale community.
We’re putting on this amazing event, yes, to celebrate our company moving into this space. Just as much however, to raise money for the upcoming overhaul on the field at Withrow Public School.

Proceeds from the bar will go to Withrow. But it’s not enough. We have a great team of sponsoring partners who all believe in the cause and this event. As a community, we would love to make a substantial donation.

We are not charging for ‘tickets’ per se, but we have arranged with the Withrow Home and School Association for them to DIRECTLY RECEIVE donations from you through their PayPal account, and for donations $20 or more, they will provide you with a tax receipt.

Please select an option from the drop down menu above to donate the amount (and/or reason) that most reflects your intent.

For the “Name of Tax Receipt Recipient” – please indicate the name of the person who you would like the tax receipt to be made out to.
For the “Child to bring receipt home” field – If you have a child at Withrow who can bring the receipt home, enter their name and class number. Alternatively, you can leave it blank and we can arrange to get it to you when it arrives at the school. Thank you.